Card of Tomsk region

The municipal formation «Pudinskoe» is located in the north-east of the Vasuganska plain, in the valley of the river Chuzik (the Ob river basin), in 480 km to the north-west from Tomsk.

The total square of the municipal formation is 1697 km2 (it’s 0,52 of the territory of Tomsk region). Most part of this region is occupied with forests (67,9 %) and swamped plains (21,7 %). There are the basins of such rivers as the Olga, the Korga, the Tavanga, the Chuzik in this area. This territory is compared with the districts of the North.

There is an airport on the territory of the municipal formation. From Tomsk to Kedrovii the airplain «An -24» flies. To reach Strezhevoi, Kolpashevo, the camps Lugenetskoe, Gerasimovskoe, you can by the air transport of  oil industry workers (by helicopters «Mi-8», «Mi-2»).

In winter period people can get to the regional center and the village Parabel on the temporary road. The winter road from Kedrovii to Bakchar is more than 100 km. Now the-all-year-round road is being built.

There are 7 settlements in the municipal formation: Kedrovii (the centre of municipal formation «Pudinskoe»), Pudino, Lushnikovo, Kalininsk, Tavanga, Rogalevo. The population is 4 907.

The town Kedrovii was built as a center of development of the third oil and gas area of Tomsk region. It determined its economic basis. The main factor of this town is extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials (oil, gas, gas condensate) from nearby deposits.

The increase of industry, the development of new oil and gas deposits as well as the enlargement of main funds of regional enterprises, all these ensured comparatively high incomes of the local budget. The positive changes in the economics of this region made it to 2003 a prosperous region and also allowed to make a good contribution to the regional budget.

From 1989 to 2002 the oil and gas-extracting company  «Lugenetskneft» (the structural subdivision NK «Yukos» OAO  «Tomskneft») was working in this place, it was the basic one. Also the huge service companies Lugenetskoe UTT, Energoneft - Tomsk, Lugenetsk Avtotrans were functioning there.

In 2003 because of the reorganization NK «Yukos» NGDU «Lugenetskneft» was abolished, but the employment structure hasn't changed: nowadays up to 60 % of active population work at the oil and
gas-extracting enterprises and service companies.

Another important part of economics creates the conditions for the functioning of oil and
gas-extraction. There is an airport, so air service connects Kedrovii with camps, regional center, the town Kolpashevo. Small business deals with retail trade, bread baking, consumer services, commercial transportation.

There is a transport organization in Kedrovii which provides bus service inside the region and also between the region and the regional center.

The bank sector is presented by the bank branches of OAO «Tomskpromstroybank», «Sberbank», OAO «the National bank  TRAST».

The geological survey is carried out by OAO «Sibneftegeofizika» the seismic prospecting crew 14 and OAO «Tomskneftegazeologia» the seismic prospecting crew 6.

Forestry work, realization of functions of the state government in the field of use, protection and reproduction of forests is carried out by FGU Kedrovskii forestry.

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